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Equipment Supervision


In order to increase customer satisfaction CJSC “ZETO” performs a supervision services to its clients. Construction and mounting organizations – LLC “ZETO-SMP of the North-West” (Saint-Petersburg) and LLC “ZETO-SMP” (the Volga region, Kazan) – were established to perform the full range of works. These organizations have wide experience of constructing different power objects.

Supervision service is ready to provide a complementary service package in order to carry out after-warranty maintenance of CJSC “ZETO” equipment. There are special programs to train specialists of installation companies to install and adjust the equipment of our manufacture. A special attention is paid to the enhancement of engineers and supervision engineers’ skill level since correctly made installation determines 80% of reliability and life cycle of implemented equipment.

Supervisions includes following steps:

  • Submit a request for performing supervision;
  • Familiarization with service job;
  • Target safety training;
  • Onsite visit;
  • Site instruction;
  • Supplied equipment check-out in accordance to the instructions approved by the decision of the State Arbitration at Council of Ministers of the USSR No. P-6 dtd. June 15, 1965 and No. P-7 dtd. April 25, 1966 at on-site storage (or directly on-site). If required drawing up the Inspection statement of completeness and the condition of the equipment after transportation;
  • Check-out the foundation support (tiers and so on) against requirements of installation manual and projects requirements, if required. Mounting dimensions check-out;
  • The technical manual during performance of installation and adjustment carried out by customer personnel or contractor organization with customer devices. Provided that, organizational management and general guideline of works and ensuring organizational, technical actions and safety arrangements are being responsibilities of work coordinator (according to job-order) appointed among employees of the corporate customer or the contractor;
  • Performing pre-commissioning activities, functional check, and conformance inspection against requirements of Operational Manual.
  • Drawing up of an Act of equipment readiness for putting into service.