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Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing parts

CJSC “ZETO” uses new high-efficiency environmentally safe hot dip galvanizing line for metal structures based on the “Hasco” equipment and technology of the federal state unitary enterprise “Central research institute of iron industry named after I.P. Bardin”. A horizontal bathtub with 6,5×1,2×3 m sizes allows galvanizing a full range of metal structures. The practice of hot dip galvanizing at CJSC “ZETO” covers more than 40 years and presently coating quality conforms to the most severe anticorrosion protection requirements. Hot-dip galvanizing is the best method of steelwork protection against corrosion among all known methods.

Protective coatings considerably extend service life of the equipment. Relatively small expenses for applying coating allow making savings for purchasing a new construction, which would be inevitable, if there is no anticorrosion protection. According to the experience hot dip galvanized steel can be used for up to 50 years without visible corrosive damages and the renewal of zinc coating.

The combination of high economic efficiency and enhancing reliability of the constructions puts this protection method of hot-dip galvanizing on a leading position in many countries worldwide.

Hot dip galvanizing is a reliable, high-efficiency protection method against atmospheric, water and soil corrosion. It has given a good account of itself in building and power engineering, transport infrastructure and chemical industry, rural and urban economy.

CJSC “ZETO” offers services to hot-dip galvanizing of different metal structures, pipes, meshes and other items with the length of up to 6 meters. The manufacturing of metal structures according to a customer’s drawings of any complexity with the further hot zinc coating can also be made at the plant.

Nomenclature of galvanized products:

  • large-sized metal structures with dimensions up to 6,0 х 1,0 х 2,7 m;
  • guards, sites, stairs;
  • guard rails, bridge conduits and tunneling structures;
  • supports and elements for railway overheads;
  • supports for mobile communication, radio tower;
  • transmission towers;
  • frames for automobiles, drawbars, boards;
  • shipboards guards, machine-tool attachment, interface piping;
  • tubes, bends;
  • elements for oil and gas pipeline, oil storage, work stations.