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ZETO — Gas Technologies


In 2009, a full cycle of production of SF6 equipment was organized — column circuit breakers of the VGT-110 kV type and current transformers of the TOGF-110, 220, 330 kV and TOGP-500 kV series. When developing SF6-insulated devices, the technical requirements of power engineers of various industries for modern equipment were taken into account — reliability, fire explosion safety, maximum reduction in weight and dimensions, minimum (0.5% per year) leakage rate of SF6 gas, warranty period of at least 5 years, with a service life of up to 40 years.

To achieve these goals, taking into account the technological features of gas-insulated equipment, a separate enterprise ZETO-Gas Technologies LLC was created, where a special control of critical units and parts is organized at each stage of the production process. New domestic and imported equipment was put into operation, new technologies were mastered, that made it possible to produce critical units of complex configuration with high quality.

Gas-filled equipment

High-voltage testing station

For the assembly of gas-insulated equipment, a separate workshop was created in accordance with the norms of directive document RD 16.066-05 «SF6 electrotechnical equipment», that ensures compliance with all requirements of sanitary, hygienic and environmental safety. The workshop is provided with all the necessary equipment for assembly, acceptance tests and quality control of finished products.

In 2013, a new workshop was commissioned for the production of 110 kV SF6 dead-tank circuit breakers and 220 kV live-tank circuit- breakers, 110 — 220 kV voltage measuring transformers and 110 kV GIS.

In 2014, on the basis of the test center, a new high-voltage test hall with an area of ​​1100 sq. m. was built, where the state-of-the -art equipment is installed.

The commissioning of the high-voltage test station in 2015 served to increase the capabilities of ZETO — Gas Technologies LLC in terms of conducting research and acceptance tests of equipment for voltage classes up to 500 kV inclusive, and with a possible modernization of the station — up to 750 kV. The latest testing equipment makes it possible to expand the range of currently produced SF6 equipment — circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, switchgear cubicles up to rated voltage 500 kV.